How to Set up an Email Alias on Hotmail

You’ve probably heard about Alias email accounts. Alias email address is a secondary email account that you can use to make your primary one more professional or hide from spammers and marketers. Alias also increases privacy because it prevents others from being able to find out personal information about you if the alias becomes compromised in some way. Setting up an Alias on Hotmail is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes!

 Email Alias on Hotmail

In this post, we’ll show you how to set up an email alias on Hotmail. Alias is the name of a user account that does not have its own password or login information and instead forwards emails sent to it automatically to another email address. Alias accounts are useful for setting up alternate addresses without having to create a new one.

What is Email Alias?

As mentioned before Alias, is a secondary email account but it does not have to be an email address. An alias can also be an instant messenger or chat screen name so that you are able to communicate with friends and family without having them read your personal emails.

Why it is best to use an alias email?

Alias email address is a user’s alternate email account that can be used to sign up for newsletters, purchase items from an online store without the need of entering credit card information every time or send anonymous messages to other internet users without their knowing about it.

  • Alias emails are free and easy to create
  • Alias email addresses provide more privacy than regular emails because there is no way you will get hacked as long as your password is not weak

Alias emails allow people with two different names (example: John Smith) to use one single e-mail address when signing up for services online instead of having two separate accounts which gets confusing over time – Aliens Emails are also good if you are an entrepreneur but want to keep personal and business email separate.

How to Setup Email Alias on Hotmail?

  • sign in offers an Alias option and enables you to create up to five Alias addresses at no additional charge, in addition to your regular email account’s primary mail address.
  • To enable Alis on Hotmail, go into Tools -> Options -> Mail section of your Settings page. Check the “Enable Alternate E-Mail Address” box and then enter aliases one after another separated by commas with spaces allowed between them.
  • Click Apply and then click OK.

The Alias addresses will now be listed alongside your regular email address in the Address box of any outgoing messages you compose, enabling recipients to reply back to them with ease if they wish so.